The Harbor Psychotherapy Services, LCSW, PLLC

Steps to Start your Recovery:

  1. Contact me, Dr. Jennifer Nikou, Founder and Facilitator, by calling or filling out the contact form:
    (914) 907-0443 or CONTACT FORM

  2. Share your preference for therapist, if any, scheduling needs, and preferred form of payment. If you do not have a therapist selected, I will recommend a professional based on your input.

  3. Once the therapist is selected, I will contact them to discuss your clinical requests and needs. Next, your therapist will contact you directly to schedule a day and time for your first psychotherapy session. Your first session will be scheduled within 7 business days. If the first and second initial sessions are cancelled we are unable to schedule a third initial session.

  4. The initial session lasts 60 minutes, during which your therapist will begin to build a relationship, inquire about personal information relevant to your treatment, and review any concerns or questions you may have. Policies and procedures will be reviewed as well during this session.

  5. We request that 3 consecutive, weekly sessions be scheduled so that both therapist and consumer can develop a healthy working relationship, obtain necessary medical information, and review all items pertaining to treatment. Of course, you are not obligated to meet with your therapist beyond the first or second session, although we find that participating in a few sessions allows consumers to make an informed decision about next steps in treatment.

  6. You are welcome to discuss any concerns you may have with your therapist directly or with me. If you desire to work with another therapist on our team, I will be happy to arrange for this without disruption to treatment. Sometimes you need to try more than one therapist before there is a good fit.